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【Late 30s】3things make your life wellbeing.


Hello, I am Japanese "Salary-man" , my name is Yutakani.

Today I will strongly recommend the 3 things that make my late 30s life well-being and happy.


Please be relax to read the followings!

(Oh, by the way, I have never stayed abroad and spoken English in daily life, so apologize in advance my poor English skill:)


1. Exercise ~The secret of continuing~

I feel keenly that you understand the importance of daily exercise.

But perhaps you have failed to keep it... Why? I think because you set the too much goals (very high-level goals).

I have been exercising by "HIIT" with the below YouTube channels.


BOOST ATHLETES is a Japanese amazing guy who introduces you to body making by not too hard training videos.


And please let me give you a piece [bit, word] of advice.


Don't try too much at the very first time.


Let's commend yourself even if you only can keep 1minutes of the above video's exercise.I think only you can get your true goal in your life!




2. Reading ~What kind of books should you read? ~

When I was in my early 30s, I suddenly realize that if I want to get some nice advice, I should open the books that have been read for at least 100 years.


Because, for about a century, they have been "surviving" among the tons of books that had been written.

And once I read them, I can understand my own future and my future duties.


Your life also gets improved by the past great people's knowledge.For examples, I recommend these "past" books for your "future".



For English version: https://amzn.asia/d/3UKxYvl 



For English version: https://amzn.asia/d/axkCGvh 


If you worry about the life of business person, you can't miss the above books.

(I heard that Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela read the Meditation over and over in the prison.)


3. Learning foreign languages


If you are a Japanese speaker, I recommend that you learn English.

There is a lot of English coversation school in Japan,  I used to go to a school named "GABA"

After 2 years program, I can use English in my travel, having some friends and get promoted !

GABA is one of the best select for me to go.


And if you are an English speaker, how about learning Japanese?

(Are you interested Japanese Animaiton, Sushi, Kyoto and Onsen (hot springs)??)

Please comment me :)!


4. In the end

I am in my late 30s, and gradually realize what I cannot get.

However, I also realize that there's plenty of room for improvement in my life:)


I am pleased if you also feel the same things and get some actions!!

Please feel free to share me by comments!


Thank you for reading!

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