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3 astonishing books that has changed my life


Hi, Everyone. My name is Yutakani.

Today, I will try to create blog by all English.


Sorry in advance if you feel my poor English skills...

Today, I will try my best to introduce 3 "Astonishing" books that really has changed my life!


Book1: Spark



For English version: https://amzn.asia/d/ih3NTPW


Honesty, I hated all exercises in the mid-30s.


However, once I read this book, I have been "scared not exercising"...


Dr. John Ratey definitely make you do push-ups and life a barbell !! 🙂

Book2: Take the stairs



For English version: https://amzn.asia/d/3Y1iPsC


Wow, I am interested in the difference the title of this book between Japanese ver. and English(original) ver.

"Take the stairs" is the best key phrase in this book.

Why Mr. Rory usually take the stairs? What is, in his book, escalator world ?


When you finish reading this book, you can "believe" the success not "understand"  it 🙂


Book3: Principles: Life and Work



For English version : https://amzn.asia/d/hwzx2Jl


If those who knows Ray Dalio as a very rich investor, they taunt me with being a dreamer who wants to be an awful rich person 🙁


No, because in this book, Mr. Dalio never advice you to be a rich person nor how to get the money in the easy way.


Principles, as his life theme, that he teaches you through the importance of getting over difficulties.


I am really impressed  his process about how to getting better.

(Encounter the difficulties, Just diagnosis it (never get the quick solution! )


By the way, Mr. Ray once hit the very tough time and he should borrow 4K $ from his father...


You can get the true knowledge of success from his life. 🙂


 4. In the end


Oh, I am happy to finish this blog!

I have been studying English all in Japan for about 5years

If you can't have a plan to learn foreign languages, please find my other blogs!



Thank you for reading!!!

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