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【What is” Rich” ?】A Japanese try to summarize.


Hello, everyone! My name is Yutakani.

And my blog title is "Yutakani salaryman".


Yutakani means being rich in Japanese.


But wait, what is RICH?


Today, I will collect my thoughts about being rich.


 1. Rich=Tons of money?


Yeah, I know money is the powarful solution.


But wait, the amount money is a relative thing.

Even if you have a nice home and car, you immediately feel down when you see a guy who have the red BMW and Apartment in Roppongi.


Money is undoubtfully a tool for being rich but not the goal of rich.

So first, you should change your mind!

I recommend you think money is a tool for achieving your natural condition, both your body and mind.


2.Equanimity and tranquility.


I recently watch videos about "Stoic" and "Taoism".

These were respectively born in Athena and China, but curiously same...


If you begin to learn Stoic...


If you begin to learn Taoism...


For example, Staying calm and not care about things that you can't control.

And I realize that this is truly wellbeing mindset because both have been surviving for about 2000 years!

If you want to live your life without worry and anxiety, please find above videos.


3. Know yourself

What is your talent

Mr. Dai Tamesue said in his book that if you get the wellbeing, looking back yourself.



For example…

  • What were your favorite things when you are elementary (primary) school?
  • Were you said by people close to you that you were good at something? What were they?

He said that something that is "less likely to be hard" for you, then it may be your intimate talent.


4. Summary

What is " Rich"?

  • You should understand that money is not panacea but tiny tool for wellbeing.
  •    Equanimity and tranquility are what ancient people have been telling us that the powerful solution.
  •    Knowing yourself especially by looking back at your childhood. It tells you the innate talent you have.


These days, SNS forces you to focus on other's reputation, other's "happiness".


However, true wellbeing is always within yourself.


Please feel free to comment me what is rich for you!


Thank you for reading.

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